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The Kentucky Center for Nursing (KCN) began as the Kentucky Nurses Capacity Consortium (KNCC) in 2008 with a group of volunteers interested in advancing nursing. Representation has included members from each of the various colleges and universities, major health care systems, Kentucky Board of Nursing, Kentucky Hospital Association, Kentucky Organization of Nurse Leaders, Kentucky Nurses’ Association, governmental workforce agencies and more.

The KCN also serves as Kentucky’s action coalition endorsed by the Center to Champion Nursing in America, a collaborative between the AARP and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, to advance a Culture of Health and the Institute of Medicine’s Future of Nursing recommendations. The KCN is especially focused on increasing the education level of nurses, providing residency training for new nurses, removing barriers to practice and care, developing leaders and leadership opportunities for nurses, increasing the racial, ethnic and gender diversity of the nursing workforce, and designing new models of community-based care.

The Kentucky Action Coalition

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Nora and Lerae
Nora Warshawsky, PhD, RN, FAAN & Lerae Wilson, DNP, RN, NEA-BC